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Our Approach

Protecting your legacy, supporting your employees, and cultivating growth

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Our mission and values

We know businesses that operate with integrity and have great products are positioned to prosper for decades. We are looking to acquire one of these businesses, which we will lead and grow. We know that your business is your baby, so we are committed to an open and transparent process: your company will be our single professional priority. We know that you have invested in relationships – clients, employees, vendors – which we are committed to protecting in order to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and preservation of your legacy. 


What we are looking for

  • Privately held, preferably founder-owned

  • Growing, niche industry in the US

  • Significant recurring revenue with diverse, loyal customer base

  • Strong culture, dedicated employees

  • Over $2 million in EBITDA

  • Current owner/operator is looking for a succession plan


Sounds great, what next?

Please email or give us a call! We would love to get to know you and your business.

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